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Information aux citoyens sur le droit collaboratif.

Sites canadiens de droit familial collaboratif

Les sites dont la liste apparaît ci-dessous contiennent des informations sur le processus de droit collaboratif familial.
Collaborative Professionals of Canada (“CP Canada”) is a professional association of legal, mental health and financial professionals committed to promoting collaborative law for family dispute resolution across Canada.

Collaborative Practice Toronto is an interdisciplinary group representing lawyers, mental health professionals and financial professionals in the Metropolitan Toronto area.
Plusieurs groupes collaboratifs se sont joint pour former la fédération de droit collaboratif de l'Ontario.
L'organisation provinciale a comme mission (en anglais):
  • Facilitate information-sharing among collaborative law groups in the province of Ontario.
  • Encourage the formation of collaborative law groups throughout the province.
  • Support the development of the collaborative law process by providing opportunities for training and professional development for collaborative professionals.
  • Educate the public about the collaborative process.
  • Develop and promote professional standards.
  • Represent the collaborative law process and collaborative professionals to governmental and regulatory bodies.

Site américain de droit familial collaboratif

International Academy of Collaborative Professionals

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